How to Choose a Women’s Wellness Retreat

There is much hype around wellness retreats right now. People are choosing to change their lazy, booze-filled holidays with those that promote inspiration, daily rituals, life skills, and good health. There are many offerings in the market and selecting the right one can overwhelm. Below is a list of things you need to put in mind when choosing a women’s wellness retreat so that you pick the one that best suits you.

Look at the location. Certain parts of the world provide certain experiences. In case you are not interested in waking up at 5 am for ashram meditation purposes, places that support such retreats are not good for you. In case you intend to connect to Wi-Fi and are afraid of spiders, avoid retreats to a tropical island, Research the area in which the retreat is located to ensure it is in line with the time you will spend away. This process needs you to reflect on what it is you are looking for.

Pay attention to the facilitators. As far as facilitators of a wellness retreat are concerned, more research is needed. If you will use time with and gaining knowledge from the guides/chefs/instructors, you should ensure you will enjoy their work. Look at their philosophies online. Also, ask those who have encountered them before about them. If possible, schedule a meeting with them, take their yoga class, have a consultation or eat at their restaurant. This assures you are aligned with their offerings.

Put cost into consideration. You do not intend it all to be about games and fun until you are back and home and realize you cannot afford the next rent bill. Retreats have a wide price range and you should ensure you are signing up for a retreat that suits your financial situation. This experience is not intended to cultivate stress. You should be smart about the price tag of the retreat and the cost of new swimsuits, insurance, transportation and any add-ons like consultations, massage, nutrition, and more you intend to enjoy while you are away.

Know the intention of a retreat. In case you feel you want to relax and unwind, a yoga retreat that puts emphasis on partying and balance will not serve you best. If you intend to sleep in and have a biodynamic glass of wine with a gourmet dinner, a meditation retreat in an ashram will not be right for you. Get crystal clear regarding what you need out of a wellness retreat experience and then ensure the retreat you sign up for provides exactly that.

Be keen on the menu. In case you have dietary needs, carefully look at this point. You should inform the facilitators before making any commitment to be sure they can tailor a menu to your specific needs. Most retreats offer a lighter, clear diet and if you are not looking for this, research for a retreat that emphasizes on the food you want to fuel yourself with when you are on retreat. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, avoid places with a meat-heavy culture.

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