Signs to Show You Should Re-insulate Your Attic

Attic insulation is a way to prevent hot and cold air passing through, and it helps no moisture is retained in a house. Conversely, if the insulation has worn out, then you should consider re-insulating your attic once more. You can find signs which would indicate that your attic needs to be re-insulated on this page.

When you find that your electricity bill has gone up abruptly, then you need to consider re-insulating your attic. If you have been using your heating and cooling system as you use the other days, then the bills should never go up unexpectedly. Therefore, it means that there might be cold or hot air getting in your home, and thus, the heating and cooling system might be working more than reasonable to maintain the right temperatures at your home.

Your attic should be re-insulated if at all your door and windows have a draftiness. If you have closed your doors and windows and you are assured that they are well sealed, then draftiness is an indication that cold air is getting in your home. This indicates that your attic need to be re-insulated because the insulation is worn-out.

If you seem to find your indoor temperatures not constant, then it is time to check out what is wrong with the attic insulation. At times, hot and cold air can pass through the attic because the insulation moved. Therefore, you have to re-insulate your attic for the right temperatures to be maintained at your home.

It can be weary for you to find pests while you have been investing in pest control services. Conversely, some pests are known to infest the attics because of poor insulation. The rats, bats, snakes, and bees are some of these pests. Some of these pests are dangerous and can be a health hazard to infest your home. Thus, you should consider pest extermination services if these pests are found in your home and ensure your attic has been re-insulated well.

Damp insulation is another sign that your attic needs re-insulation.

Again, if most of your surfaces at home feel colder than normal, then it is an indication that your attic needs re-insulation.

Ice dams on the gutter are an indication that your attic insulation is a problem because once the ice on your roof melts down due to the heat from your house, then the ice freezes once it gets to the gutter. This indicates that you need to re-insulate your attic to prevent such an issue.

When you re-insulate your attic you benefit because you never incur these issues at your home. These benefits you get from re-insulating your attic bring in peace at your home.