Why Go to Church?

Statistics state that only 20% of the population go to church every Sunday. Though the number of people going church regularly is low, it is important to note that the merits of going to church remain constant. An important aspect that an individual has to be aware of is that by going to church, they are determining their identity Christians. There are reasons to why one should commit to going to church on a regular basis as well explained. The first reason to why an individual need to go to church is so that they can be able to hear the word of God. The reasons to why one should consider going to church and not listening to preachers on the TV is because it is more effective. By hearing the word, then it means that an individual can be able to share it to other people that are not aware of it.

By considering to go to church on a regular basis, one can be sure to have a great experience with the community. By one singing and worshiping with other people, then they get to feel the connection which gives inner peace. There is a high chance of an individual using the gift that they have been given by God when they go to church on a regular basis. There is the need for one to know that every human has a gift that has been given by God.

In the event that an individual is gifted with the best of voices, then they can consider joining the church choir and sing. One is able to find their purpose while in church. The reason to why one can get their purpose is because people that have the ability to discern in church will let them know. Going to church helps one to congregate with people that are driven by what their purpose is in life. By one going to church, then they get a chance to worship even if it is during the week. When an individual worships with people in church, then they can indeed feel it when their spirit is being uplifted.

There is a chance of one promoting the growth of their children when they go to church. When a child sees their parents sing and worship the Lord, it is most likely that they will also emulate it. Starting this at a tender age will ensure that they carry it until they are old and also pass it to the next generation. An individual will experience growth in their Christian life when they go to church. Getting encouragement in church is a possibility as one gets the chance to tell what experiences they have had over the week. Generosity is improved when one regularly goes to church as they are required to give tithes and offerings. By giving the money, then the word can be spread to more people or that the church will be improved to the better. Another reason to why an individual should go to church is because it shows in how they obey the command of God.