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A Guide to Cannabis Growing Equipment

The cannabis business is booming and this is the reason why many people are going into cannabis growing. Each year cannabis growers are expanding their facilities and many people are already getting involved in the cannabis growing industry. It is important then to check your current equipment and evaluate it to see if there is need to upgrade on them.

Here are some of the commercial cannabis growing equipment that is essential for your cannabis growing business.

A ventilation system is important for your indoor cannabis growing facility. The ventilation you should get is one that is open and uses carbon exhaust filters to control odor. With this, you will have the best airflow in your indoor cannabis growing facility.

A pH and a TDS measuring equipment is important in keeping an eye on the development of your cannabis plants. With this equipment you will be able to get your measurements quickly and frequently. You are able to observe how your cannabis plants are developing with the use of this equipment. it is important to have an accurate measuring equipment. If your equipment will require frequent calibration, then it will make your operations slow down which is not really good. You don’t want to have inaccurate readings and this will happen if you don’t get good measuring equipment.

Growing cannabis plants indoors would necessarily require proper indoor plant lighting. There are many different lighting options you can use today for your indoor cannabis farm. Electric rates in your regions will affect your choice of indoor lighting. It should also depend on the layout of your indoor growing setup. If you are going to use certain lighting like double-ended HPA bulbs, then you should also consider the extra cooling cost requirements.

Protection from harmful UV rays is important for outdoor workers exposed to the sun and indoor workers exposed to UV grow lights. These workers need to use sunscreens, sunglasses, hats, and clothing that will protect their skin while they work under the sun’s UV rays for hours.

Having the proper temperature to cool your plants is possible with an HVAC equipment. The cost of cooling your growing facility is also dependent on the lighting that you choose for it. If you have a greenhouse, then this will require a precise temperature control system.

Proper humidity is required by plant to grow to its full potential. Your whole cannabis plantation can be ruined when mold grows in it and this is a result of having the wrong environment. This is why you need humidity control in your set up.

Trimming is a bottleneck for most commercial cannabis growing and this can be prevented by using commercial trimming equipment.

The list above only give you some of the important equipment you need for your cannabis growing facility.

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