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What to Consider When Looking for a Compounding Pharmacy

Some people may face certain health conditions that need special treatment and not the mass-produced medications made in an automated manner. Such a problem may require you going to a professional with the knack to fuse, combine or alter several drugs to meet your unique needs as a patient. Your needs are best served by a compounding pharmacy and not the traditional pharmacies we are accustomed to. Such pharmacies have invested in all the resources needed to give the perfect prescription for your conditions. That said, there are compound pharmacies that not unscrupulous or ill-equipped and cannot offer you the right medication you need. With that in mind, you will want to pick the ideal compound pharmacy. Keep reading the piece as we have outlined a few elements that you ought to look at when choosing a compound pharmacy to ensure that you identify one that is credentialed and suited for your needs.

Before choosing a compound pharmacy that is Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) certifications. The PCAB lays down strict standards and certifies only pharmacies that abide by the nationally accepted and established standards for compounding pharmacies. When a patient selects PCAB recognized pharmacy, they can be more certain that they are getting compounded drugs from a trustworthy source. PCAB accreditation shows that a pharmacy has followed all the recognized procedures each time when preparing a prescription. Fewer than 200 American compound pharmacies have obtained the sought-after PCAB recognition till now.

Furthermore, you will want to know about whether the pharmacists in the specific compounding pharmacy have and what kind of training it is. Ideally, every pharmacist at these establishments should have gotten advanced compounding training from an acknowledged institution. It is necessary for broad research expansion and testing to be done to finalize on any good compounding formula. Therefore, the pharmacist needs to have critical thinking abilities and overcome many barriers that may pop up when preparing a formula. They should get ACPE-recognized training program to ensure that they have the aptitude to do so.

The compound pharmacy should get the best quality and trustworthy sources for chemicals to guarantee top quality compounding standards. Hence, the organization should work only with reputable suppliers celebrated for offering pure, pharmacologically active ingredients. Make sure that the compounding pharmacy can show you the Certificate of Analysis (CofA) for each chemical they use to prepare the compounded prescriptions.

Lastly, the compounding pharmacy conducts batch testing for the compounded prescriptions to certify the safety and fastidiousness in each event. This can be done through an internal team or an independent testing agency. The testing is done to minimize the chances of mistakes by putting the compounded prescription samples through a run of tests.

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