As a small business, you likely don’t have a large budget to use for marketing and advertisement. You’ll have to be crafty and resourceful. There are some definite techniques that are sure to make for an easier process.

Flyers Door-to-Door

If you’re able to put together a small team of employees to devote some time to walking/driving around and putting flyers in mailboxes in the local area, this is ideal. You also can place some strategic posters around the city where you run your business.


Don’t underestimate the value of referrals. You can have customers refer new ones your way, and in return, offer them a discount the next time they purchase your products or services. Just think of all the wonderful possibilities when it comes to word-of-mouth from loyal customers.

Value Ads

If you have a decent customer base, you might send out a plastic card mailer with referral rewards, discounts, or something similar. This is a surefire method to bring your regular customers in if they’ve been considering getting more of the products or services that you sell. This is also a good idea to bring in some new customers.


If you use social media or a website and have people place orders this way, it’s especially easy to schedule a follow-up questionnaire. If they make a purchase in-house, you might reach out to them or ask them to fill out a card after a certain amount of time to express if they’re pleased with the customer service, what issues they’ve experienced, and what they’d like more of from your business.

By pauline