Things Which Make GED Different from High School Diploma

Different reasons make different students drop out of school. However, some drop out of school willingly. Such people suffer a lot when they are looking for an employment. One is needed to have a high school diploma certificate or a GED certificate for him or her to get a job. Most people do not know what these two are different and they are confused which one is the best. GED and high school diploma are different. GED is an acronym which stands for general education development. A series of tests on subjects such as mathematics reasoning, language reasoning, social studies, and general science is what is referred to as GED. In high school diploma, one is required to undergo high school studies for four years. For you to know which one is best for you, you need to know the differences between the two. Some of the differences between GED and high school diploma are discussed below.

The requirements of enrolling for GED are different from the requirements of enrolling for a high school diploma. Successful GED applicants are the ones who are not enrolled in any high school. Also, you should be sixteen years old and above. For you to be given a high school diploma certificate, you need to have completed the high school coursework. High school education for adults is offered in specific adult schools. Such schools are the best for people who are older than twenty-one years and want to receive a high school diploma certificate.

The amount of time taken to complete GED is different from the time taken to complete high school diploma. You are required to complete four years in high school for you to be given a high school diploma certificate. However, some people are able to complete their high school studies within three years. You are able to be given a GED certificate after finishing GED exams which take only a few hours.

People who have a high school diploma are considered differently from those with a GED certificate when it comes to furthering of studies. You will be allowed to enroll for a degree program when you have a high school diploma certificate. People who have a GED certificate need to go to a community college before they are enrolled for a degree in the university. You need to get good results in the community college for you to be enrolled in a university.

When it comes to employment, people who have a high school diploma are chosen over people who have a GED certificate. Higher education is needed by a GED certificate holder to get a good job. Above are some of the difference between GED and high school diploma.