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Various Uses of a Rebozo

A lot of Mexicans over the years have employ the use of rebozo as a traditional clothing for birth. Even though rebozo might have some differences in terms of texture, color and even patent, it provides a very ambience and aesthetic fabric that can be used for taking care of infants even after birth. A lot of places around the world helping attributed with the use of rebozo beyond the Mexican birth culture. An actual survey on the usage of rebozo in Denmark shows that 2% of women used rebozo during the vaginal births but this has increased to 9% over the years. The following are some of the various uses of rebozo.

Rebozo has a lot of different applications during labor with one of the most common uses being birthing a woman’s hips in that they are used to control the motions to help move the hips or to sway them for some comfort during labor. Regardless of the posture of their birthing person, the rebozo is the ultimate tool for providing pelvic message which is also commonly known as rocking or jiggling.

Rebozo could also be helpful in correcting poor foetal conditioning that is essential for the process of breath in that body posterior positioning to result in a lot of painful, longer and much difficult labor. A lot of doulas and care providers are well acquainted with the use of the rebozo to encourage the baby to shift in a better position for birth. Even so, the rebozo is more significantly used for pelvic massages then it is used for the adjustment of the fetus into a better position.

Research is a not quite sure of how the rebozo might be effective for various women but that it is used psychologically to help the woman to see that there are people who are supporting her and that she is working with a team to bring forth the baby. The rebozo however is quite significant in terms of little positioning to avoid longer labor hours are also believe the birthing woman the pain of having to go through fetal malpositioning.

Lack of scientific evidence does not withdraw the fact that the rebozo technique actually works with a lot of women during labor and birth. The current use of the rebozo is completely on the basis of individual experiences, narratives, tradition or best of the midwives that are used. Peer reviewed journals have been published by the World Health Organization signifying that despite the lack of studies in the traditional practices of the rebozo, it should not be an obstacle in the employment and development during birth.

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