All You Ought to Know Regarding Chakra Balancing and Reiki

When it comes to our bodies, you will find that the major chakras or energy centers we have are seven in total. Research has proven that our bodies act like vehicles for consciousness. Even though our bodies have seven major energy centers or chakras, they are not found in every part. They are only found between the base of our spine and our head top. The seven chakras play different essential roles in our bodies. Every chakra work on a specific organ, gland or also body part. Even though they play different roles in our bodies, all of them connect with our emotions and thoughts.

Our physical stableness is affected by some things. Such things are like emotions, thoughts and feelings. Because of that reason, if we keep an unexpressed emotion, suppressed anger, or feel unworthy, our physical stableness will be affected by such things. In our inner experience, sometimes we may feel an imbalance. Such an imbalance can be experienced as a physical symptom later in the day. Everyone is expected to maintain those energy points I mentioned above open and balanced where necessary. But because of the lifestyle we are living today, it is not easy to do that job.

The energies that we are exposed to are many and different, and more to that, they can affect this balance either positively or negatively. If one chakra gets closed or remains unbalanced, we may experience some changes in our body system. Some of those things you may experience are like physical symptoms, intense emotions, and continuous negative thoughts. Our condition within these energy centers is determined by the people we socialize or live with because everyone is composed of energy. A new level of awareness is opened to us when we work alongside the chakras in our bodies. More to that, we eliminate the stagnant energy that our bodies cannot use.

When we work with our chakras or energy centers, wounds that were not aware of can also be discovered which is an advantage to our bodies alternative medicine can be done with an all inclusive method which is the reiki. Universal energy is channeled easily by a practitioner of such field into clients so that the natural healing process can begin. It does not whether you are an adult o kid when reiki is used to channel universal energy.

When a reiki session is being conducted, a massage table or bed is used. Those two things are present so that the person undergoing such a process have a place to lie on when fully dressed. The hands of the practitioner are gently placed above the client. A feeling of warmth or coolness can be expressed by some clients when the practitioner places his or her hand above them. Sometimes, clients would experience a sense of heaviness or numbness besides a warm or cool feeling. Those clients who undergo such a process feel relaxed, calm, and also a deeper self understanding. Other clients may fall asleep when the practitioner is conducting the process.

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