A Summary of Monsanto Lobbying Strategies and Efforts That Everyone Needs to Know
While small businesses are struggling to remain in the market for just a few more months and even make a little more profit, Monsanto surprised the world by making more than $4 billion in 2015 alone which is an enormous amount. The money was attained by selling his popular products which include herbicides that are known to contain glyphosate. It is just lately that most people learned that the chemical found In the herbicide increases people’s exposure to cancer by almost 41% which gives more reason for everyone to go out there and learn more about Monsanto and his products. For those that would like to know more about Monsanto, they should first understand that this is one of the numerous studies that speak about the potential negative consequences of using Monsanto products in the world today. There are some new legal rulings which reflect this new data and they have tried to bring accountability to Monsanto beginning with April 2018 whereby Dewayne Johnson, a former groundskeeper, was awarded $289 million in damages. Johnson received the amount after taking Monsanto to trial with claims that his products exposed him to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Reading through this article explains how and why Monsanto is still popular and prospering despite having all the claims from his customers which is the reason why everyone wants to know more about Monsanto as explained below.

Knowing more about Monsanto starts with Monsanto’s “Green Sheen” and the lobbying machine while at the same time putting in mind that most global corporations such Monsanto do not play by the same rules as their smaller counterparts. One of the reasons why most major corporations survive even with such big scandals such as Monsanto’s is because they use their resources to not only buy political power across the world but also to get adequate support which in the end allows them to do as they wish without so much resistance. For anyone to know more about Monsanto, they should have already known that he has more than enough resources which allow him to hire great global scientists who can do anything possible just to tamper with the available facts and convince the world that they are all wrong about the company. Monsanto does all the above and much more just to try and prove the world and consumers wrong about their claims about how dangerous their products are to human lives and the ecosystem. It is at this point that they turn to outright bribery to greenwash the products especially when all the applicable techniques fail. If you have an interest in knowing more about Monsanto then you have to note that the company is not just a perverse worldwide monopoly but also has a complex web of lobbyists.

By pauline